End to end product development

Develop products that disrupt the industries.

Startups are using a range of cloud-native approaches to disrupt traditional industries and bring their brightest ideas to life in the blink of an eye, but not every business has the resource, know-how or team set-up to transform their teams and take full advantage of cloud development.

The world of cloud-native development encompasses several technologies and philosophies–including DevOps, Platform as a Service, microservices and containers–which collectively supercharge the impact technology has on your business.

Why us

Roadmaps and Strategy

Lift-and-shift or cloud-native? We can help formulate the right strategy for your cloud migration efforts.  Our knowledge, based on “what good looks like” comes from practical experience with dozens of deployments.

Local presence/global scale

our on-site experts are there to work closely with your team, to come to understand the people, process, and technology challenges firsthand.  Our offshore teams work hand-in-hand with on-site consultants to provide the right level of team depth, economy, and two- and three-shift coverage.


Containerized CI/CD and embedded analytics (e.g., ML and AI) are the norm.


We build and put to use proprietary tools that automate time-consuming activities (e.g., SQL and ETL conversion, testing, system management).

Design patterns, re-usable code and frameworks

because this is all we do, we come to the project prepared with design patterns, frameworks, and, in many cases, code that is purpose-built for common industry challenges.

Share information on a global scale, integrate growing volumes of data more effectively with machine learning-enabled processes, and build multi-tiered levels of decision support systems in a secure, well-governed enterprise infrastructure. Wavicle’s modern data architecture services are designed to help shift your operations toward leading-edge technologies and deliver the most responsible modernization and future flow of your business data to those who need it most—your people.