Next-generation e-learning platform, trusted by 1000+ institutions.

Clapp is a learning app with a strong sense of customer service, geared towards offering unmatched learning experience at an affordable rate. Clapp enables subscribers and students to have access to educational magazines with simplified text content, videos, animations and lots more, designed by professional artists and developed by the best teachers in the educational industry.

Features that sets us apart

Learn on the go

The app comes with a read out loud function for the auditory learner or the busy student on the go. All the content can be listened to whenever or wherever required. A good share of positive reviews we received were all started with how awesome this feature is.

Peer learning

A nifty peer learning feature to give a new perspective. The student gets a chance to immerse in a two way conversation between peer students and teachers on a topic and solving a problem together. This interaction is sure to give the student a different angle to understand the issue and firm their knowledge about the concept.

Fast & effective animations

Hard to understand and important concepts are explained with beautiful and world-class animations. Our team of experts has spent a considerable amount of time to ensure simplicity and accuracy while creating videos that will hold the student’s interest.

3D virtual tours

Sometimes a simple 2D diagram is not enough to understand the complexity of the image. Clapp comes with high quality 3D images when necessary that is fully interactive to give a 360 degree virtual tour. These 3d tours let the student explore the inner workings of organs, machines, models etc.

The lessons on CLAPP are presented in an easy-to-read digital multimedia magazine-style layout, giving you the freedom to learn whatever, whenever and however you want!

Each monthly magazine by CLAPP will leave you amazed with:

–        Comprehensive course content in simplified and descriptive format.

–        Concepts explained with beautiful and accurate animations

–        Mock tests and quick assessments for medical and engineering entrances.

–        A read-out-loud function to listen on-the-go

–        Question banks for Board exams, and

–        An exciting peer learning feature to engage you just as in real life

Further, CLAPP works offline, so you don’t have to worry about connectivity!