The best productivity software for your business.

CONEice is many things in one package to run your day to day operations.

It is your,
Collaboration software,
Document management solution,
Communication portal,
Simple CRM solution,
Work tracker,
Bulk SMS manager,
And many more…


The countless benefits

High Qualiy

Process client files daily and not on the last day : Gone are the days where you wait for the client to submit their documents just before the deadline. With CONEice, your client will be uploading their documents on a daily basis for you to process the same.

Intuitive UX

Simple design for fast learning : You and your employees and clients will need no time to start using the application once accessed through the web. The design is intuitive and simple for anyone with basic computer skills to operate.


Get paid on time : The relationship between you and your client is more transparent now. They can view your work, the progress and results in a much better way than before. This will enable you to invoice your Clients and get paid on time.


No lost communication with client : You have a number of options to communicate with your client including mails, chats, SMS etc.


Streamline the process by assigning client accounts to employee : You can manage employee assignments to client accounts adding clear accountability and tracking.

Implementing a solution like CONEice will surely change the way a business is functioning. You will be experiencing so many issues getting resolved at one shot. In fact we are overwhelmed by the number of positive feedback we received from the first release.